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I Know......

I Know I said my pages would strictly be of that star only. Well Actually I didn't say that but that is beside the point. LOL Let me put it another way then when I started makeing these web pages of Days pics. But after thinging about it how could I possibly make a picture of Carrie without showing at least one pic of Austrin And Carrie Together LOL. Here it is below as below it will be more pics linked and another image of Carrie below the Links. Thanks again for stopping by and please don't forget to sign the guestbook on your way out LOL.

Here are the Carrie Pics.....

Carrie Reed: This is Carrie getting a little wet in the pool.
Carried Reed: Dressed in Red. What is it with Red LOL I think I know LOL
Carrie Reed: Carrie Lookin Good :-)
Carrie Reed: Setting back and just takeing it all in. LOL Oh by the way isn't it great Carrie is a Reed now LOL
Carrie: Dressed in white
Carrie Reed: Dressed in a very sexy white lace top.