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You may be wondering why.....

You may be wondering why...I'm only putting up three pics per page and putting the rest in links. Well as you may already know Tripod only gives 2MB Free space and I'm trying to do my best and what I got. LOL Sorry if this may cause a problem for anybody but it just has to be this way :-) I got a bunch more wav pages comeing and a bunch more picture pages I already have to get more homepages. I had to get 4 already from tripod. I got one at angelfire but I can't get my files out of my subdirectory and onto my homepage if you know how please help :-) As for my fortunely city site well it tells me it is too busy but I'm going to try again tonight. Wish me luck LOL (March 15 98) Also keep going down to see 2 more pics on this page and some more links to pictures of Franco. Hope you enjoy them :-)

My Franco Kelly Pics

Franco Kelly: Here's a link to a Franco Pic
Franco Kelly: Hungry for Franco Here's another one LOL
Franco Kelly: Another Franco he must be pretty popular LOL
Franco Kelly: Here's another one for all you fans of Franco
Franco Kelly: Here's the last Franco pic link but you will find one more on down that you can view right from this page.