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Speaking of hope.....

LEAVE BO ALONE!!!!! Don't get be wrong I like hope but I think she should move on with her life and LEAVE BO ALONE!!!! Billie has overcame a great deal in her life and I think she deserves Bo. Besides she is pregnant with his child and unlike Bo she don't love too many women LOL.

My Pics of Hope

Hope Williams: Although I wish she was never brung back to life she does look very sexy in a black dress LOL
Hope Williams: She would look good in this wedding dress if she wasn't ripping Billie apart.
Hope Williams: Isn't it wonderful that Billie is Bo's wife and not Hope LOL Oh by the way this is just Hope looking at ya. :-)
Hope Williams: She is in a blue jean outfit.
Hope Williams: Get it Williams LOL Not Brady Ha HA I just had to say that. LOL
Hope Williams: Raise your hands if your sure (Billie is better with Bo) Not really but she is raiseing her arm in a salute.
Hope Williams: Hope in that sexy dress again but this time in a different pose.
Hope Williams: With Looks like this she should be in jail LOL
Hope Williams: I would like Hope alot better if she wasn;t after Bo from the looks of this pic she is VERY Attrachtive.
Hope Williams: Hair which blows with the wind.
Hope Williams: Just look at these legs. LOL
Hope Williams: Last one besides the pic below LOL