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As always.....

As always keep in mind you will find 3 pics on this page. There is also more pics I just will link you to them. If you are anyone is a fan of any days star or just days of our lives I would love to chat. My ICQ #is 4541051. Also my email is There is also MANY days of our lives mailing list. I will try to find the addresses and link them somewhere on my homepage. They are all free emails and it is really great. I met alot of great friends that way. Home you enjoy these pics and I'm glad to see Jack and Jenn together. Let's just hope they stay that way LOL.

Here we are to save the day!!!! LOL Well maybe not but Jenn is sure Pretty enough too LOL

Jennifer: This is just a face pic but it's pretty good.
Jennifer: Here she is underthe broadwalk letting the waves catch her LOL
Jennifer: Now I know what Lori Morgan was talking about when she sung the song something in red LOL
Jennifer: Jennifer setting back and getting a little r&r LOL