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Her face will be missed. Ellien is leaveing in May.

Hi guess you all heard Ellien Davidson is leaveing. She will be missed. I wonder if she will be replaced or susan, sister mary, and kristian would be wrote off the show. As we all know both Kristian and Susan is alive. I just want to know who that woman is LOL. I guess we shall all find out in time. LOL I must amit that I'm not too fond of susan I used to wish Kristian would get that baby so I wouldn't have to see Susan. How dumb could one person be LOL If Susan had a brain I think she would take it out and play with it LOL


Kristian: Setting Back And takeing it All In.
Kristian: If looks could kill
Kristian: looking good
kristian: sexy look
kristen: takeing off robe
kristen: Leapord skin dress
kristen: Another one of Susan showing off her wedding dress.