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Hi everyone. Well as of 5:30 PM October 27th 1998 I have a page 2 of my index list. I noticed that the main page tood awhile to load to I decided I would split my pages into 25 List pages per index page That's 100 lists per page That way it won't take as long to load and plus it makes it some what easier on me. I hope you like things this way if you don't just tell me and I'll change it. I work now and I have less time to update but I promice I will finish. Right now I have 34 Pages done I have almost 50 to do. I started too many lists at once now I'm paying the price LOL I only actually finished 4 today well actually 6 counting this one. I would had done some last night when I got off but my ISP provider was down and no one in my area could connect to the internet. I will try to do more tonight if not you'll know why :-) Whenever new pages are added I will post the date and time he so you will kno=w how often I update. I try to update at least once a day. Hope you like the changes I made and hope you have fun with my lists. Oh by the way the above pic is one of my favorite pics It is Andrew Keegan Zachery Ty Bryan Jonathan Taylor Thomas Rider Strongand Jonathan Jackson I have lists for all of those plus the other stars are ok but I don't have lists for them yet but maybe some day :-) Thanks Billy

List 26

Billy Warlock

Brice Beckham

Brendon Sexton 3

Chad Allan

List 27

Christian Oliver (Saved By The Bell The New Class)

Dean Cain

Ethan Randall or Ethan Embry

Ewan Mcgregor

List 28

Jesse Spencer

Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Keanu Reeves

List 29

Kenny Morrisson

Mark Whalberg

The Moffatts

River Phoenix

List 30

Sean O Bryan (Exit To Eden Brother's Keeper)

Wil Estes also Wil Nipper

Justin Cooper (Brother's Keeper Liar Liar)

Nate Richert (Sabrina)

List 31

William Ragsdale (Brother's Keeper Herman's Head)

Erik Von Detten

Jay Ferguson (Even Shade)

Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek)

List 32

Justin Whalen (Superman)

Keith Coogan

Max Elliott Slade (3 Ninjas)

Neil Patrick Harris

List 33

Ryan Phillippe (I know What You Did Last Summer & 54)

Scott Grimes (Party 0f 5)

Steven Dorff

Tom Cruise

List 34

Jonathan Jackson (General Hospital)

Wil horneff

Wil Wheaton

Zachery Ty Bryan

List 35Added 4:27 PM Halloween Night 1998.

Billy Zane (Titanic)

David Duchovny

Kevin Bacon

Lorenzo Lamas

List 36

Andrew Polinsky (Charles In Charge)

Andrew Keegan (Bay Watch Party Of 5 7th Heaven)

Barry Van Dkye (Diagnosis Murder)

Benjamin Salisbury (The Nanny)

List 37

Danny Ponce (Hogan's Family)

David Gallagher (7th Heaven)

Joe Mcintyre (New Kids On The Block)

Kevin Zegers (Air Bud)

Well Hi there again folks :-) It's 5 PM May the 3rd 1999 I finally got an chance to do more updateing and here's what I have so far it's page 3 of my lists.