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Marlena & John 4-Ever

What I want to know is why did they bring Roman back from the dead. It was bad enough when they brung Stefano and Hope. I wonder what are who will be next. I guess they will bring Sonny back to life. That is what I hate bout soaps they have this huge problem. They want to raise the dead LOL. But through out it all I've been watching days for 10 years now and no matter how dumb the story lines are I will never quit :-) Unless.....They kill Billie now that's a different story LOL

marlena pics

Marlena: Marlena locked in the secret room trying to get out.
Marlena: I lied this one is the secret room the first one is Marelena dressed up but if you looked at it I guessed you figured that out LOL
marlena: that beautiful smile
marlena: dressed in white western wear